The Treasure of Wellness

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The Treasure of Wellness

Is There A Substance That Can¨D

- Increase blood supply to the heart & regulate blood vessels?
- Normalize high blood pressure?
- Enhance all aspects of male and female sexual function?
- Regulate digestion and excretion?
- Regulate the clotting of blood?
- Strengthen the body¡¯s defense against infection?
- Affect brain function in a positive manner?
- Regulate the beating of the heart?
- Enhance the function of blood cells?
- Protect the lining of blood vessels from dangerous homocysteine?

The Answer is NO!!
But Wait¨D
NO stands for Nitric Oxide ~
A chemical, produced by the body at peak levels when one is young and healthy from specific nutrients in the diet or supplements¨D that can do all of the above!

All of the above plus many, many more functions have been reported about nitric oxide in over 11,000 articles published in major worldwide medical and scientific journals in the last 20 years.

How You Can Assure Yourself Of A High And Constant Supply of Nitric Oxide

Nutritionally speaking, eating sufficient quantities of meat, eggs, dairy products, and nuts will supply arginine.

Awarded Nobel Prize

The excitement regarding nitric oxide started to reach a peak in the early 1990¡¯s when SCIENCE magazine named it ¡°Molecule of the Year¡±. A few years later (1998) the prestigious Nobel Committee awarded three American scientists the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology for their research on the Nitric Oxide Pathway in the body.
¡°It Does Everything Everywhere¡±
The above statement was made by Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler, professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center (USA), in relation to nitric oxide, in 1996 in the New York Times.

Dr. Woodson Merrell, professor of medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Medical School, New York, and Dr. Robert Fried, authors of THE ARGININE SOLUTION, 1999, said of nitric oxide¨D
¡°¡­(Research clearly shows that) absolutely everything in the body depends on it¡±; and also- ¡°The discovery of arginine-derived nitric oxide is likely to become one of the most significant findings for health and wellness in the 21st century.¡±


Nitric oxide stimulates the release of cyclic GNP, which results in vasodilation. Insufficient functioning of the nitric oxide-cyclic GMP pathway has been implicated in the pathogenesis of conditions such as erectile dysfunction, myocardial ischemia, and asthma. Previously, such conditions have been treated using pharmaceutical agents that either donate nitric oxide directly (i.e. nitroglycerin), or inhibit the enzymatic breakdown of cyclic GMP, (i.e. Viagra/sildenafil). However, such pharmaceutical agents are incapable of increasing endogenous synthesis of nitric oxide. Thus, pharmaceutical agents utilized to compensate for insufficient nitric oxide production are incapable of correcting the underlying deficiency for which they are commonly prescribes. Rather than attempting to inhibit the breakdown of cyclic GMP or donating nitric oxide itself, a logical alternative strategy would be to promote increased synthesis of nitric oxide.